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Miami, FL

382 NE 191st St


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Millions of people each year visit Florida for vacation. Known for its sunny climate, beaches, and a place for "snowbirds" to escape to during the colder months, Florida has long attracted those who love the bustle of oceanside cities or vibrant nightlife. Yet, Florida is more than just its beaches. This great state offers a wide variety of locales, from the retirement communities of the gulf coast to the expansive equestrian properties inland Ocala, Florida proves itself to be diverse in every aspect. In the last century, Florida has experienced rapid economic growth, leading to an economy worth $1 trillion, placing it as fourth in the U.S and top 20 in the world. Tourism, industry, construction, international banking, biomedical and life sciences, healthcare research, simulation training, aerospace and defense, and commercial space travel are all of unique areas that fuel Florida's GDP. In addition, Miami hosts the Brickell Financial District, the most extensive collection of financial buildings in the U.S. Florida is also known for a largely affordable cost of living, although insurance premiums in this state tend to be high, as the weather can be temperamental during late spring to early autumn. Florida receives a high amount of precipitation and hurricanes in the later months. Regardless, Florida draws in everyone from young professionals to those looking to buy secondary properties. Seaports in the Atlantic serve tankers and commercial boats from across the world as they import and export products, making the east coast of Florida a shipping hub. Large corporations such as Amazon, DHL, and Walmart all use Florida as a layover or direct entry point when it comes to getting mail, goods, or fresh produce to other states. In addition to commercial shipping, Florida also takes the top spot for cruise liner dockings, with ships departing daily for the nearby Bahamas or Key West. Florida is known as the "cruise capital of the world." Native Floridians are also known for their patriotic pride, and are a tight-knit group who prefer to use local businesses. Therefore, if you live out of state but still want to appeal to local communities and access Florida economics, our virtual addresses are suited for you. Click here to check out our Florida locations, and get a taste of the sunshine state!

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