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Located in the heart of the midwest and sharing a great lake system with Michigan, Illinois is a hidden gem that encapsulates some of the biggest businesses in the U.S. With a population of 12,812,508, Illinois is the sixth most populous state in the U.S with the fifth-highest domestic production. Chicago is the state's largest city; however, the state capital is actually Springfield, Illinois; home and resting place to famed U.S President Abraham Lincoln. While Illinois is known for its bustling metropolitan scene in Chicago, the rest of the state is actually 75% agricultural land. If you are a fan of yard work, you may recognize the household name of John Deere, who before becoming a modern machine brand used their trade skills to develop a self-scouring steel plow that turned miles of prairie into profitable farmland. Today, Illinois as a whole still retains this agricultural value in its economy; however, manufacturing also plays a big role in this state since the boom of production in the early twentieth century. Illinois also houses its fair share of startups, tech, and financial services. In Chicago, you can find companies such as Accenture, Grubhub, and Caterpillar doing business in the big city, while the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago hold top spots for post-secondary education. Culturally, Illinois is incredibly diverse after generations of migration. While the slow pace of rural life abounds, cities also host an array of nightlife and restaurants to enjoy. Jazz and blues is this state's predominant sound, with the locals naming it “Chicago blues” for its distinct rhythm. Things tend to slow down during the cold, snowy winters that blanket this state in up to feet of snow at a time; however, summers here draw out tourists to road trip and see the great plains and parks Illinois has to offer. Many cities and towns take pride in their fresh local produce, with a vibrant dining culture and brewery scene. Towns and cities on Lake Michigan can also enjoy beaches and boating sports, with lakeside venues being popular summer getaways. If you are looking for a unique Illinois address from out of state, or a big city name for your business to call home, check out our Illinois offerings for your next virtual address.

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