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Indianapolis, IN

8520 Allison Pointe Blvd Ste 223


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A gem of the midwest, Indiana's rolling hills are a hallmark of this state’s natural beauty. One of the true mid-sized states in the U.S, Indiana has a population of 6,785,528 with the capital city of Indianapolis sitting at 864,447. Indiana has a well-balanced composition of both urban and rural areas, having something for everyone. Geographically, Indiana has both low-lying plains and hilly areas that lend some spectacular hidden views for those adventurous enough to seek them out. Several parks and wilderness areas spread out over Indiana’s 35, 868 square miles are perfectly suited for camping, hiking, or cross country skiing; as all four seasons present themselves distinctly, with especially snowy winters. Both water and snow sports are popular here as a result of northern Indiana bordering Lake Michigan, which when coupled with hot summers, makes this state an unexpected destination for year-round fun. Indiana is a part of the grain belt and is one of the highest producing agricultural regions in the U.S. Corn and soybeans are the top product Indiana exports, along with beef and pork. Yet, Indiana still houses over seven fortune 500 companies, with an emerging market in pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Manufacturing of medical devices adds billions in gross state revenue per year. Education in Indiana is state of the art, with the University of Indiana Bloomington enrolling 114,160 students, and Notre Dame University holding $11.8 billion in endowments. As a result, college and pro sports are a big part of Indiana’s culture, with many out-of-state student-athletes hoping to get recognized by institutions here. In the more metropolitan areas, Indiana still makes sure to leave room for natural beauty with spread-out cities intertwined with walking, biking, and jogging trails. Living and working in these cities is reported to be incredibly laid back and enjoyable, with escapes to the countryside just minutes away. The Indianapolis 500 (or “Indy 500”) racing event in Speedway, Indiana draws in millions of car enthusiasts per year, where spectators can witness the notable Indycars in a gripping race over 500 total miles of track. If you are looking for a great address for your medical tech business, agricultural venture, finance startup, or simply a great way to break into a new and unique market, check out our Indiana virtual address offerings above for a fresh start in the great midwest!

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