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New Orleans

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New Orleans, LA

3014 Dauphine St Ste A


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Why get an address in Louisiana

One of the smallest states, Louisiana has one of the most culturally diverse populations in all of the U.S., incorporating French, African, Spanish, and Native aspects into what is known as Creole. Louisiana is a seaward state, open to the Gulf of Mexico, and has the Mississippi River to the east. At a current population of 4, 657, 757, Louisiana's capital is Baton Rouge; however, New Orleans is the most populous, and one of the most notable cities nationwide. Creole and Acadian culture in Louisiana have inspired local cuisine, tourism, and music to shape this state into what it is known for today. Gumbo, beignets, and dirty rice are all staples in Louisiana restaurants and homes, which many visitors from around the world are hard-pressed to find in their home countries, as authentic Louisiana flavors are difficult to replicate. Louisiana has a rather diverse economy, with seafood being a major export. Louisiana supplies 90% of the world's crawfish stock and has a longstanding history farming sugarcane. In modern industry, cargo shipping has a direct line to the Port of New Orleans, and south Louisiana contains some of the busiest ports in the world by weight. Wholesale shipping for all of the U.S comes into Louisiana before being distributed nationwide. A surprising industry in Louisiana is a thriving film division, with this state being a top spot for reality TV and filming on location. In addition, Louisiana has been lauded as one of the most small-business friendly states after a review of over 12,000 small business owners. High tourism numbers make sure that every niche has a chance to profit, and New Orleans is one of the most small business saturated cities in the U.S. Mardi Gras is the biggest annual celebration in Louisiana, as it was brought to this part of the U.S by French settlers and widely adopted by the descendants. Mardi Gras is a celebration of plenty, and is characterized by parades, maskes, costumes, and beads. Thousands of people flock to the cities in Louisiana during spring to witness the colorful crowds and jazz sounds that are a distinct part of the cultural fabric. Overall, a virtual address in Louisiana is incredibly helpful for appealing to loyal locals, or for marketing your business in a popular U.S city. Ideal for shipping technology, travel industries, or even agriculture ventures, Louisiana has something for everyone.

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