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Boston, MA

68 Harrison Ave Ste 605


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The most populous state in the northeast United States, Massachusetts is a center for innovation and technology. Sitting at a population of over 7 million, with the most populous city of Boston being the capital. A home to several distinct cultural, historical, and educational landmarks, Massachusetts has been an ideal location for business spanning over a hundred years. When you think of Massachusetts, you can count on friendly locals, great restaurants, and boardwalks with an oceanside view. Despite the easy-street pace of life in most of this state, corporations thrive in Massachusetts, with twelve Fortune 500 companies located around the region. Fidelity Investments, Kraft Group, and Boston Scientific are all multi-billion corporations founded in Massachusetts, with many members of the original founding families choosing to stay and live in state. The economy in Massachusetts is supported by technology, finance, and tourism. For those seeking to pitch new ideas or bright inventions, Massachusetts is a major center for venture capital investment via Boston. Educating the next generation of bright minds falls to Ivy institutions such as Harvard and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Businesses love Massachusetts for both its business friendly environment, with easy access to ports and logistics. Other popular destinations for businesses include Cape Cod, Salem, Plymouth, and the Berkshires. Massachusetts locals are a tight knit community, and having a smart virtual address for your business can help expand your market all the way from the coast to Harvard Yard. Ready to make your mark in Massachusetts? Check out our addresses offerings today!

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