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Receive mail at a real street address in Baltimore. Virtual mail lets you keep a mailing address in Baltimore without having to pay for real estate, and you can check mail in your virtual mailbox, from anywhere.
You can use your business address in Baltimore to register a business or on your company marketing website. Baltimore business addresses can also help keep your home address private.

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Baltimore, MD

3030 Greenmount Ave Ste 300


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The strategic location of Baltimore Maryland, as an East Coast port city, is used by a wide range of businesses worldwide. It is also the 20th largest metropolitan area in the United States, and is thought of as a primary economic center for the state of Maryland. Baltimore’s appeal to businesses is near the top of the list, and you can have a Baltimore mailing address along with a virtual PO Box without having to rent an actual office in the city. Use Earth Class Mail for your virtual mail solution in Baltimore, complete your business identity, and optimize your back office workflow. Maryland currently boasts the highest concentration of tech jobs in the nation. The state is home to 50 federal facilities along with 12 military installations, which include the Army’s Electronics and Communication Command and the National Security Agency. Baltimore, however, is perhaps best known for its prestigious medical industry. At the top of the region’s “Top Five Private Sector Employers” is John Hopkins University followed by Johns Hopkins Health System. The depth of industries based within the city of Baltimore make it a great location for any business. Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland with a population of 585,708 as of 2020. Historically the city has been a major transportation hub, particularly with the railroad, and today it is largely a service-based economy. Johns Hopkins Hospital is in Baltimore. Other major companies based here include UnderArmour, Legg Mason, RT Laboratories, and Royal Farms. Science and technology is another big sector for the community and it has been called one of the country’s tech hubs throughout the years. The World Trade Center Baltimore is a major transportation port where shipping lines from across the nation pass. It’s estimated that the Port of Baltimore generates around $3 billion in annual wages. The cruise ship industry also operates out of the port, supplying jobs for residents. Tourism is also a major economic driver for Baltimore and the National Football League’s Baltimore Ravens play at M&T Stadium. The Major League Baseball team Baltimore Orioles play at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The famous baseball player Babe Ruth is also from Baltimore. A startup looking for a small business-friendly PO Box or digital address can count on Baltimore without having to pay for office space and the overhead associated with physical space.

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