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Billings, MT

1925 Grand Ave Ste 129


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As the largest city in Montana, Billings offers a wide range of business opportunities and serves as a regional trade and distribution center for South Dakota, North Dakota, Northern Wyoming and most of Montana. It was also ranked “#1 Best Place to Launch a Business” by CNN Money. A diverse group of more than 23,000 businesses are located in Billings, including First Interstate Bank. With a virtual address in Billings you’ll get a PO Box and virtual mail. Earth Class Mail will let you establish your professional footprint in the downtown core of Billings for much less than the cost of an actual office. Billings, also known by locals as “Montana’s Trailhead” due to its strategic location, is beautiful and rich in amenities. The city features an abundance of restaurants, a rich nightlife and a host of adventurous sports, which brings in people from all over the state. The biggest industries in the city include education, healthcare, transportation and energy. The scenic city of Billings is situated in Montana on the Yellowstone River. Dubbed the “Magic City” due to its origin as a railroad town that grew rapidly, Billings is home to more than 184,000 residents. Yellowstone National Park is near Billings, just over 100 miles to the entrance, which draws a fair amount of tourists to the region. Other attractions include the Zoo Montana, Yellowstone Art Museum, Little Big Horn Battlefield, and Red Lodge Mountain Resort. Oil is a major economic driver for the region. The Bakken oil development in eastern Montana is one of the largest in the nation. The region follows the oil boom and bust cycle. The Stillwater Mining Company, Kampgrounds of America, and Interstate Bank all call Billings home for their corporate headquarters. Billings has higher learning institutions that fuel the community, including Montana State University Billings, and Rocky Mountain College. The Billings Logan International Airport offers flights around the globe and brings visitors and business to the region. Highlighting the beauty of the west, the Heritage Trail System is an extensive recreation path that winds throughout Billings offering people a great place to run or walk. The community has also earned national acclaim throughout the years for being a bicycle-friendly community. Any company looking to locate in the west without the need to open a physical office would be well served by a Billings virtual address. Use your virtual PO box address in Billings, along with mail scanning and workflow tools, to manage your business from anywhere.

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