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Omaha, NE

12020 Shamrock Plz Ste 201


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Characterized by expansive plains, cattle ranches, and open skies, Nebraska is a key part of the U.S midwestern region and breadbasket. Nebraska may seem consistent at a glance across its regions, but this state hides a literal powerful storm behind an unassuming landscape being a top state for summer thunderstorms, and in the worst-case scenario, tornados. Nebraska has a fairly dense population, with about 2 million residents on under 100,000 square miles of land. The capital is Lincoln, but the largest and most populous city is Omaha. Without Nebraska, it would be much harder to get a prime rib off the shelf at your local store, a large percentage of U.S cattle are raised on the fresh grasses of Nebraska plains with room to roam. Cows actually outnumber Nebraska residents 4:1, with over four million head residing in the state at any given time. Soy has also risen in popularity as an alternative milk and protein source, which Nebraska also provides by the bundle. Hot summers and plenty of rain ensure wheat crops turn a healthy profit each year. Despite the presence of farmland in most of Nebraska, Omaha provides an urban center for transportation, industry, and finance. Cabela’s, TD Ameritrade, and Berkshire Hathaway are all top companies that have headquarters or founding roots in Nebraska. A low startup presence leaves room for entrepreneurs to come in and take advantage of a new market share. Kool-aid was one such invention success story; created in 1927, in Hastings Nebraska, this creation quickly became the state soft drink. Green energy via ethanol biofuel powers Nebraska, which has a naturally low fossil fuel production. This is due to the high amount of farm byproduction, which creates a cycle of renewable energy that in turn helps power homes and businesses. Found the next great idea for biofuel use or a new kool-aid flavor? An Earth Class Mail virtual Nebraska address places you in state, minus real estate.

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