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Jersey City

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Jersey City, NJ

111 Town Square Pl Ste 1238


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Why get an address in New Jersey

As the most densely populated state in America, New Jersey is one of the most affluent and visited states as a business, political, and tourism hub. Right across the Delaware River from New York, New Jersey is tightly integrated into the fabric of New York City by municipal area combination; making it a part of the “tri-state” area. New Jersey sits at a population of 9,288, 994, with the capital being Trenton, and largest city being Newark. Most of New Jersey’s residents are highly concentrated in urban areas; however, New Jersey hides surprising natural beauty in interstate parks and rivers that serve as an escape from the busy city spreads. New Jersey is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the U.S, with over 52 cultural groups represented. Boroughs such as “Little India” offer both locals and new arrivals to the U.S a chance to connect with familiar cultural roots and adjust to life in New Jersey, as well as run profitable businesses during the summer tourist season. The economy in New Jersey is one of the healthiest in the U.S, with biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, publishing, and telecommunications leading profitable industries. New Jersey is a scientific state, with the highest employment rate of engineers and scientists. Thomas Edison worked with the first lightbulb in Menlo Park, NJ, and since then New Jersey counties have reported some of the highest income rates in the nation. Institutions such as Rutgers and Princeton admit only the best students in the nation, keeping New Jersey at the forefront of academics. New Jersey is known for its local culture and cuisine, with diners and street food offering freshly cooked American staples. Residents in New Jersey are known for their unique dialect, and honest nature as well. Ask directions, and you’ll always get them fast and furious! Ready for a slice of Jersey pie? Real estate may be tough to grab, but a virtual address in New Jersey helps put your business on the map effortlessly. Check out our New Jersey picks today for the hottest addresses in the state.

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