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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, NV

5940 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 400


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Why get an address in Nevada

Vegas, mountains, and a desert climate make Nevada a unique place to live or work. With its cities serving as a refuge from the dry climates and scorching heat, Nevada has an almost alien terrain with red rock formations and snow capped mountains contrasting each other, even in the summer months. Because of the desert climat, almost three quarters of Nevadas 3,104,614 population live around the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Nevada is know for its lassiez-faire regulations around gambling, gaming, marriage, and even divorce. It is alo one of the most business and corporation friendly states in the U.S., with leadership often having legal ways that bypass cumbersome common business rules that are enforced in other states. Entertainment tourism is the number one economic activity in Nevada, followed by gold mining, and technology. Entertainment industries in Nevada makes over 12 billion in gaming revenue annually; however, other cities such as Reno and Lake Tahoe also attract tourists looking for outdoor adventures. In Nevada, there is always a chance to make it big in business, as the city of Las Vegas never sleeps; while Reno has recently been catching the eye of startups nationwide as a busy city in flexible state to start their ventures in. The dual nature of business and pleasure existing together make Nevada a truly unique address to add to your roster. If you want your set yourself a state apart from the rest, our virtual Earth Class Mail addresses secure you a spot in the heart of Las Vegas- no gambling required!

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