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New York, NY

228 Park Ave S


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“The Empire State” and a crown jewel on the global stage, New York State embodies American culture, travel, and business. An original landing place for settlers, New York was built from the ground up into the many cities and towns it is today. Part of the great lakes region and sharing a border with Canada, New York State has a population of 20, 215, 751, which makes it the fourth-most populous in the U.S. The capital city is Albany, with two-thirds of the state's residents living in the largest city of New York. New York is one of the most economically powerful states in the world; if it were to rank individually, New York would be 11th on a global scale which far outstrips most individual countries. The economy in New York has a piece of everything; with the largest sectors being finance and technology. While New York City has Wall Street, Albany is known as “Tech Valley” where entrepreneurs and startups can go to pitch their new ideas for major funding. New York State is also home to much more than city sprawl, as popular exports include maple syrup, apples, cherries and wine. The Hudson Valley is a top spot for wineries and wine touring, with the state of New York having over 320 wineries in total. In upstate New York, you can find an array of rolling hills or hiking trails, waterfalls, and camping spots. Winters are fierce however; so if you plan on visiting in December, pack an extra coat! Having access to waterways also puts New York State on the map as a top shipping destination, with the Port of New York navigating large container ships in by the thousands. This means ample opportunity for shipping, global mail, and logistics business, or industry disruptors. Need a New York address without the price tag? A virtual spot in state is the solution for you, check out all of our top performing addresses below for a chance to bring a bit of New York to your business.

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