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North Charleston, SC

6650 Rivers Ave Ste 105


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Charleston, South Carolina took home the prestigious “#1 City in The World” and “America’s Most Friendly City” awards from Travel & Leisure. The city’s unique historical attractions, abundance of dining options and amazing hotels all led to those distinctions. The beauty and Southern charm of the city is astounding. Charleston is more than a great place to visit, it’s also a great city to do business. The city features the major employers like: Google, Boeing, Verizon, and many others. Charleston is a historic scenic city in South Carolina near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of more than 150,000, Charleston is the largest city in South Carolina and plays an important role in the state and region. Founded in 1670, Charleston is one of the United States’ oldest cities and is rich with history including playing a pivotal role in the Civil War. Today, Charleston offers an eclectic blend of traditional Southern culture along with French, West African and English influences. The result is a vibrant downtown that offers rich food, a mix of music and deep culture. Each year, Charleston plays host to the Spoleto Festival USA, which is a 17-day art festival that includes a variety of art and artists and more than 100 performances. Other popular events include the taste of Charleston, Charleston Marathon, and the Charleston Food and Wine Festival. With the history embedded in Charleston, there are a number of museums and historical sites that attract visitors from across the country and world. These include the Gibbs Museum of Art, Charleston Museum, and the Nathanial Russell House, a Federal-style house open to the public. Tourism is a major driver for the Charleston economy. It is often ranked as one of the top tourist destinations for visitors. Between the culture, history and scenic old streets and buildings, people flock to this historic Southern town. Its proximity to the sea also makes it a port of commercial shipping, which is another key to Charleston’s economy. It is the fourth-largest seaport on the United States eastern seaboard. Charleston’s auto manufacturers, which includes Volvo and Mercedes, also rely heavily on the port to ship their automobiles. [A virtual PO Box]( "Virtual PO Box") or virtual address in Charleston is a great investment for a company looking to represent one of America’s historic southern communities without having to pay for office space. With Earth Class Mail you can establish a business identity in Charleston, plus get all your mail delivered online with our virtual business address and PO box service. Charleston boasts two shipping terminals, operated by the South Carolina Ports Authority, and is considered an IT and technology hub.

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