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Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City, UT

50 W Broadway Ste 333


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Why get an address in Utah

The word Utah is derived from the native Ute tribe, which means “people of the mountain,” one that fits the landscape of this state quite well. Most of Utah’s cities and towns are tucked in between snow-capped mountains, looking relatively small next to these natural giants. Utah currently has a population of just over 3 million people, with the capital and largest city being Salt Lake City. Utah is known for being a snow sports paradise and a ritzy one at that. Vacationing in Utah involves lush ski resorts, chalets, and great cuisine that make the long winters seem a little less chilly. Utah coined the phrase “the greatest snow on earth” and marketed it to tourists by placing it on state license plates in 2008. Several national parks also draw in summer visitors, alongside the widely photographed salt flats. The economy in Utah has three major industries: mining, tourism, and energy. Utah works hard on a recognizable state brand, as hospitality and tourism contribute to a large part of the state economy. In addition, Utah produces more energy than it consumes, with huge potential for green energy such as solar and wind power. Utah has been previously voted as a business-friendly state for both small and large-sized corporations, and it has the highest donation rate to charities out of any other state. Not a fan of the cold? An Earth Class Mail virtual address in Utah gives you all perks, minus the extra layer. See which cities we love for business today, and get your business on the map effortlessly.

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