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Norfolk, VA

440 Monticello Ave Ste 1802


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Why get an address in Virginia

An economic power player, Virginia is indeed for lovers- that is, those who love business and beaches at least! Virginia is one of the most well-known states on the Atlantic coast and one of the most visited. Sitting at a population of over 8 million, Virginia is a popular residence for many Americans. The capital city is Richmond, with the most populous city being Virginia Beach. Virginia is actually considered culturally to be southern, despite its location on the east coast. Hot summers, great food, and local festivals all bring together Virginians and visitors to enjoy what this state has to offer, which includes everything from forests to boardwalks. The economy in Virginia is powered by government and technology, with one of the highest concentrations of tech workers anywhere in the U.S. Virginia serves as a data center and a secondary headquarters for Amazon. The Department of Defense Headquarters is also located in Virginia, which is more commonly known as the Pentagon. Billons of dollars are sent to Virginia each year for government projects and the state is considered the first line for intelligence defense. So if you are looking to place your business at the center of it all, a virtual Virginia address is a cost-effective way to get you started. Check out why we love this state and which high performing cities Earth Class Mail offers today!

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How much is a P.O. Box?

How much is a P.O. Box?

Establishing a P.O. Box is a great option if you are looking for a safe place to receive your mail or want a portion of your mail, such as mail for a home-based business, diverted to a different address.

March 14, 202410min read

Can I register my business with a P.O. box address?

Can I register my business with a P.O. box address?

Whether you decide to establish your business as a sole proprietorship, a C corp, or an LLC, you'll need to decide what business address to use to register your business.

March 15, 202411min read

What address should I use for my LLC?

What address should I use for my LLC?

Having a physical office space and using your home address aren't your only options.

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