Divorce Procedures in Your State

Divorce Procedures in Your State

As you probably already know, divorce is handled differently in every state.

For example, states differ on the residency period (the amount of time you or your spouse must live in a state before you can file for divorce).

Some states also have a waiting or "cooling off" period. This is the amount of time that must pass between your separation and the finalization of the divorce.

Specific Forms

Each state's court system also requires specific divorce forms. Following your state's specific procedure is critical.

Fortunately, when you file an uncontested divorce through LegalZoom, we take care of state-specific requirements.

However, if you're interested in how your state handles divorce, including information on divorce with children, types of divorces, and spousal issues, please click on your state for an overview.

Remember, LegalZoom creates state-specific divorce forms. The questions we ask are tailored to your state.