Dear :

We received your lettermessageemail on about . I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with the serviceproduct we provided. We want to address your concerns as quickly as possible. To that end, please call me at   or email me at  if the following summary of your complaint is inaccurate: .  We have taken the following initial actions to correct the situation: .

Be assured that we will conduct a full investigation into your concerns. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly to gather additional information so the matter can be addressed quickly and appropriately. Please feel free to contact me at the number or email address listed above, or let me know if there is a convenient time for me to contact you. 




Acknowledgment of Customer Complaint Letter - Free Template

Use an acknowledgment of customer complaint letter to handle customer concerns with care. Build lasting relationships with customers by providing effective resolutions.

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Acknowledgment of customer complaint: How-to guide

The backbone of any successful company is happy and satisfied customers. In any business, handling customer complaints to their satisfaction is crucial to building a loyal customer base. A customer complaint can include any statement of dissatisfaction by a customer about services or products they received.

Provide customers the care they deserve and value them with a well-trained customer service team. A customer complaint acknowledgment letter is a good starting point to address your customer’s concerns.

A well-constructed acknowledgment letter allows you to maintain relationships and build your business. The letter template on this page provides a good framework for a complaint response. Answer simple questions to complete the letter tailored to the specific event. Follow up with a phone call to ensure that your message was received and to provide any additional information that may be helpful.

Ensure that every customer service representative is qualified enough to handle customer expectations and can alleviate their frustration with the best course of action.

Best practices to address customer complaints

Creating policies for handling complaints

Instituting company policies for handling complaints is as crucial as taking the complaint. These should provide a dissatisfied or angry customer with a way to resolve their issues and allow your company to improve its performance. Clear and consistent company policies will let you track problems and address concerns quickly and efficiently.

Making the process easy and accessible

It is crucial to ensure that your customers know how to file complaints. Make the process easy and accessible for your customers.

Considering customer needs through proper communication

It is crucial to address your customer needs and frustrations promptly. Passing the call of aggrieved customers from one representative to another, having the complaint handled by multiple individuals, and forcing them to contact you at your convenience may make the resolution experience worse than the initial problem. 

  • Communicating with customers respectfully and through the channel of their convenience is essential for building strong business relationships. 
  • Emphasize that your organization takes complaints seriously and will quickly investigate and resolve the issue using the most appropriate channels, such as chat, phone, email, and more. 
  • If the customer disagrees with the solution, provide further assistance by contacting your support team to correct any misunderstandings with additional details.

Acknowledging the complaint

Acknowledge the customer's complaint and frustration. Many people who experience poor service or receive defective products do not bother to file a complaint. Therefore, if a customer takes the time to contact you, it is highly likely that the customer's feelings require validation.

Addressing the complaints at the earliest

It is crucial to take customer complaints seriously and address them effectively. Ignoring customer's concerns and complaints risks harming your business's reputation and losing potential customers. Taking immediate action to address the issue and finding a solution can help prevent future mistakes and maintain customer loyalty.

Maintaining records of the complaints received

It is vital to keep a record of every complaint that you receive. It is best to categorize each complaint to ensure it is addressed and organized appropriately. You should ensure that this information is provided to sales team managers, executives, and any other teams so that they can perform adequate market research and evaluate the effectiveness of their operations.

Follow-up to build goodwill

Follow up with your customer to ensure that the issues underlying the complaint are resolved and that the customer is satisfied with the outcome. 

Frequently asked questions

What's an acknowledgment of a customer complaint?

When there are customer complaints, the company can respond by handling the concern to show that they care about the customer's concerns. Acknowledging a customer complaint can address a complaint in a way that can win the customer back. It aids in customer retention, earning recommendations, and improving your business operations for the future.

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