To Whom it May Concern:

We are in the process of verifying information provided by , who is applying for an apartment in our building. To complete the application process, we must verify the employment/income information that was provided by on his or her application. Information contained on this form will be used in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. has provided his or her consent for you to provide the requested information, as verified by his or her signature below.

To be completed and signed by the applicant

Last Name:First Name:Middle Name:Social Security Number:
______________________________________________________________________________ - _______ - __________
Current Address:City:State:ZIP Code:


I hereby authorize my employer to provide employment and compensation information to the landlord or landlord's agent. I hold both the landlord and my employer harmless for any claims against them for filling out, commenting on, or discussing this form and its subject matter.

Tenant Signature: ________________________________ Date: ________________


To be completed and signed by the applicant's employer (supervisor or HR)

Employer Name:Telephone No.:


Employer Address:City:State:ZIP Code:

Which of the following best describe the employment status of the applicant?

[  ] Current employee

[  ] Former employee

[  ] Never an employee
[  ] Full-time employee

[  ] Part-time employee

[  ] Temporary employee
Avg. Number of Weekly Hours Worked:_____________

Date of Hire (mm/yyyy):

Job Title:

Salary: $______________
[  ] Hourly

[  ] Weekly

[  ] Bi-weekly

[  ] Yes  $______________

[  ] No
Your Name:Your Title:Your Telephone No.:




Signature: ________________________________ Date: _________________

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. Please email the completed document to me at .



Employment and Salary Verification Form - Free Template

Give your rental property to the eligible applicant confidently. An employment and salary verification form allows you to check the applicant's income and employment background.

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What's an employment and salary verification form?

When considering a rental applicant, confirming their ability to pay the rent is a good practice. Use an employment and salary verification form to determine your rental applicant’s income and make an informed decision.

Here's the information you'll need to have handy to complete your employment and salary verification form:
- Who it's for : Know the name of the prospective tenant.
- Contact info : List your name and email address for a reply with the requested information.