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Welcome to at ! We hope you enjoy living in the building and neighborhood in the months and years ahead. We wanted to take the time to explain a few of the responsibilities that come with your rental.

This property is managed by can be reached at  on  between the hours of or at the following address: , , .

As we discussed, rent is due on the  day of the month. Your rent check should be placed in the property drop box at  .sent by U.S. mail to  .delivered in person to  .transmitted electronically..or placed in the property drop box at  .sent by U.S. mail to  .delivered in person to  .transmitted electronically..or placed in the property drop box at  .sent by U.S. mail to  .delivered in person to  .transmitted electronically..or placed in the property drop box at  .sent by U.S. mail to  .delivered in person to  .transmitted electronically..or placed in the property drop box at  .sent by U.S. mail to  .delivered in person to  .transmitted electronically..

For maintenance issues, repairs, or other requests, please call  at  between the hours of . If there is an emergency, please contact  at .

During our walkthrough of the property, we noted the condition of the interior with a checklist that we have attached. Please keep this checklist for your records. If you decide to move, we will check the condition of each item against what was noted at the time of move-in.

Please provide us with your current contact information, including home, cellular, and work numbers, and an emergency contact for any urgent situations that may arise.

Welcome again!






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Give tenants a warm welcome with a landlord welcome letter. Set clear expectations, share property guidelines, and ensure a smooth start for new residents.

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Landlord welcome letter: How-to guide

Change can be exciting or exhausting. For tenants moving to a new rental property, this change blends in both.

As a property manager or landlord, you have a vital role in ensuring your new tenant(s) have a comfortable and hassle-free move-in experience. Give your new tenants as much information as possible to start your renting relationship off on the right foot.

What is a landlord welcome letter?

Successful property management begins with good documentation. One effective way to achieve this is by sending them a detailed and informative landlord welcome letter that outlines essential information and sets clear expectations.

A friendly welcome letter adds a human touch to an otherwise formal process while providing information about your property's rules and regulations. It is a formal document that provides the new tenants with relevant information about their rental property and the lease agreement, alongside property rules and the move-in process.

Why are welcome letters by a landlord important?

A landlord welcome letter includes vital points, such as the security deposit, lease start date (the date on which the lease begins), move-in date, any special instructions for the first month's rent, and monthly rent payment (critical due dates, mode of payment, any clause of late payments or late fees if there is a delay in paying rent before the due date).

It also provides critical move-in instructions, such as the timelines for a moving truck to enter the premises on the day a tenant moves in. The tenant may also get other vital details in this document, such as the maintenance request instructions, building management information, their normal business hours, and emergency contact information, 

The landlord welcome letter template provided on this page can be used to welcome your tenant and summarize important information related to property guidelines.  

You can show your new residents that you and your company are reliable and establish expectations from both sides. In every way, this lays the foundation for a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

What are the key aspects to consider in a landlord welcome letter?

Addressing tenant's queries

Address a tenant's general questions when they are moving into a new property. Some examples may include:

  • The contact info of property managers or any other emergency contacts
  • Whom they should call to report maintenance issues
  • Whether they should call the emergency repairman directly in case of maintenance emergencies
  • Laundry room information (if there is a laundry facility)
  • Information on trash collection and appropriate bins (if there is a garbage segregation system)
  • Any other maintenance requests

Any general neighborhood guidance or specific questions and answers that benefit the tenant should be mentioned here.

Giving a welcome letter to every tenant

Give this welcome letter to each new tenant when they sign the lease. Having this information immediately available can limit follow-up calls or questions. If you are giving a physical letter in person, ensure both keep a printed copy.

Spelling out the specific events 

In the welcome letter, mention the specific events that you consider emergencies. For example, an overflowing or clogged toilet in a one-bathroom unit or no heating or air conditioning in extreme temperatures may be considered an emergency.

Attaching the move-in checklist 

Attach a signed copy of the move-in checklist completed during the property walkthrough and the welcome letter. If you are mailing this letter, make sure that you include this checklist in the envelope.

Keeping a copy 

Keep a printed copy of all correspondence between you and your tenants (if you give it in person or send it by post). It is vital to get all of the essential terms of the tenancy in writing, no matter how trivial they may initially seem.

Including additional information

Add a pet fee if it is applicable.

Mention helpful information like the nearest grocery store, professional cleaning service nearby as they might need it after moving in, or the best way to avail local transit. 

You may also add local attractions to visit on holidays with the kids. Information on local restaurants for the entire family or a local coffee shop for important meetings creates a positive relationship with the new tenant. This information will make the whole welcome letter informative and worth reading for the new tenant.

Add the proper notice period before the completion of the lease in case they wish to vacate the property, along with any necessary guidelines on key collection or handover.

Frequently asked questions

What's a landlord welcome letter?

A landlord welcome letter is used to welcome new residents professionally by establishing rules and responsibilities. It will mention important information like rent amount and lease terms. Explain your tenant's responsibilities related to rent payments (rent due date, manner of payment, and more.), and provide information about your property's rules and regulations, building management, emergency contact details, and maintenance request instructions.

What information is needed to complete your landlord welcome letter?

Here's the information you'll need to complete your landlord welcome letter:

  • Who it will go to: Have the tenant's name and contact information ready.
  • Subject matter: Know all the essential details, such as when rent is due and who to contact for maintenance issues.
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