Attn: :


Dear :

Thank you for your commitment to sponsor . To receive your sponsorship recognition, please remit the following payment no later than :

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Description of Sponsorship CommitmentQuantityPrice per UnitTotal
Total Payable:
[   ] Payment by check. Please make checks payable to: and remit payment to the above address, attn: .
[   ] Payment by credit card. Please remit the attached credit card authorization by mail to the above address, attn: .

If you have any questions about this invoice, please contact at or at .

is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation.



I hereby authorize  to charge my credit card account in the amount of for the sponsorship of .
Name on Card ______________________________________________________________________________
Card Type: (Please circle one)     [VISA]     [MasterCard]     [American Express]     [Discover]
Card Number _________________________________________Expiration Date _____________
Security Code ________
Billing Address ___________________________________________________________________
Cardholder Signature ______________________________________________________________

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Sponsorship invoice: How-to guide

Sponsorships have become an integral part of numerous events and initiatives across various industries. Whether it's funding a community event, supporting a charitable cause, or endorsing a product, sponsorships facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships between sponsoring companies and event organizers. However, managing the financial aspect of these collaborations requires clarity and professionalism, which is where sponsorship invoices come into play.

What is a sponsorship invoice?

A sponsorship invoice is a formal document sent by event organizers to sponsoring companies to request payment for the agreed-upon sponsorship contributions. A sponsorship invoice plays an important role in the billing process. It details the amount owed by the sponsor, the services provided, and the payment terms.

Types of sponsorships

Planning significant events, especially for great causes, takes hard work, dedication, passion—and cash. Event sponsors can offset costs in exchange for promotion, VIP treatment, and more.

Before you understand the need for sponsorship invoices, knowing the different types of sponsorships is essential. Only then you would be able to customize your sponsorship invoices accordingly.

Monetary sponsorships

These involve direct financial contributions from sponsors to support an event. For example, a technology company provides funding to organize a hackathon, or a small business gives money to a local community college to conduct a marketing seminar.

In-kind sponsorships

For this sponsorship, instead of money, sponsors provide goods or services directly related to the event. For instance, a catering business may sponsor a charity gala by providing complimentary food and beverages for the attendees. A printing company may offer to print promotional materials for a trade show, etc.

Media sponsorships

In this type of sponsorship, media outlets provide advertising or promotional support in exchange for visibility at the event. For instance, a radio station might promote a music festival in exchange for recognition as a media sponsor or broadcast promotional messages and interviews with performers.

Promotional sponsorships

Clients or companies who want to be promotional sponsors collaborate with the event organizer to promote the event to their audience in exchange for visibility and recognition. For example, a fitness apparel brand may sponsor a marathon by distributing branded merchandise and promoting the event on its social media platforms.

Corporate sponsorships

Corporate sponsorship is a form of marketing in which a corporation provides financial support to an event, organization, individual, or project in exchange for promotional benefits. These can include things like logo placement, advertising opportunities, naming rights, product placement, or exclusive partnerships.

What is the purpose of a sponsorship invoice?

A sponsorship invoice document serves several essential purposes:

Helps in financial planning

Sponsors can use the invoice to budget and allocate funds for their sponsorship commitments, ensuring timely payment and fulfillment of obligations.

Clarifies payment terms

A sponsorship invoice form clearly outlines the payment terms as agreed by the parties. If it’s a monetary sponsorship, the invoice form includes necessary details like the amount to be paid by the sponsor and the timeline for payment, reducing confusion and ensuring timely transactions.

Assists with tax returns

Properly documented sponsorship invoices ensure compliance with tax regulations and financial reporting requirements.

Documents the agreement

The invoice acts as a formal record of the sponsorship agreement, detailing the services or benefits provided in exchange for the sponsorship.

What key details should be included in a sponsorship invoice?

Description of the sponsored event

A sponsorship invoice should include a detailed description of the event, including its name, location, address, and date. You should also include the invoice number and the date it was issued.

Details of the event organizer

Clients can receive invoices from various entities. Hence, it is necessary to include the details of the event organizer in your invoice document. You need to provide the name and contact information of the organization or the individual hosting the event.

Sponsor details

Include the details of the sponsoring client, like their name, contact information, billing address, etc.

Sponsorship details

Here, provide the description of the sponsorship package, including any specific benefits or services provided.

Payment terms

In your invoice, you must provide all the information regarding how the sponsor should pay the amount owed to the organizer, the deadline to make the payment, and the method (check, online transfer, or physical money).

Why use a sponsorship invoice template?   

Sponsorship invoice templates help you in many ways and make the tedious invoicing job a lot more streamlined and easier. Some of the benefits offered are:

Professionalism: Using a professional sponsorship invoice template enhances the credibility of the sponsorship request and reflects positively on the event organizer.

Efficiency: An invoice template streamlines the invoicing process, saving time and effort for the parties involved.

Consistency: Using a standardized invoice template ensures uniformity across all invoices.

Transparency: Detailed invoice templates provide transparency regarding the terms and conditions of the sponsorship agreement, fostering trust between the parties.

Besides these benefits, a sponsorship invoice template also helps you save time and effort. You no longer have to write each invoice from scratch. Various online service providers offer invoice templates that suit your requirements. LegalZoom also provides a simple and straightforward sponsorship invoice template that you can access from anywhere on any device. To download the document for free from LegalZoom, you must fill out the guided questionnaire provided in the template above. Once the invoice is ready, download your .pdf invoice document by clicking the “download button.” You can also easily edit or customize our template with our pricing plans.  

Frequently asked questions

What key details are needed to complete your sponsorship invoice?

The key details required to complete your sponsorship invoice are:

  • Who the organizer is: Keep the name and contact information of the event organizer ready
  • Who the sponsor is: You should know the details of the sponsoring client or the recipient of the invoice
  • What the sponsor covered: Detailed breakdown of the services, benefits, or deliverables included in the sponsorship package
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