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Sponsorships for are limited and are awarded on a first committed basis. Make your sponsorship commitment by  registering online at or completing, signing, and returning this form by mail, fax, or email  along with your payment no later than to: 


You will be notified of our acceptance or rejection of your desired sponsorship commitment within hoursdays of our receipt of your completed sponsorship commitment form. Please contact at or with any questions.

Company Name__________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________ Fax_____________________Email________________________________________________
Name you would like to appear in all sponsorship listings:__________________________________________________________

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS:SPONSORSHIP AMOUNT: Please refer to the enclosed sponsorship benefits flyerenclosed brochure website at for information about sponsorship benefits. $_______________________________  associated with each level of sponsorship. Please check ONE box indicating your level of sponsorship. Limitations for specific levels are noted in parentheses.

[  ]  $_________(limit $)[  ] $_________(limit $)
[  ] $_________(limit $)[  ] $_________(limit $)
[  ] $_________(limit $)[  ] $_________(limit $)

SPONSORSHIP AMOUNT: Please refer to the enclosed sponsorship benefits flyerenclosed brochure website at   for information about sponsorship benefits. $_______________________________


[  ] In-kind donation (specify value and describe donation)
[  ] Please accept my general donation of $_____________________
[  ]

  is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations are tax deductible where allowed by law. Please consult your tax professional.

PAYMENT: Full payment must be remitted with your sponsorship commitment form.Full payment, if not included with your sponsorship commitment form, must be remitted no later than   or your sponsorship will be subject to forfeiture.  or a % late fee will be assessed. Please check the box indicating your method of payment.

[  ] Payment by check. Make checks payable to , federal ID # and enclose with your commitment form. 

[  ] Payment by credit card. Amount to be charged to credit card$_______________________________

Name on Card _________________________________________________________________________
Card Type: (Please circle one)   Visa   MasterCard   American Express   Discover 
Card Number_______________________________Expiration Date________________Security Code_____________
Billing Address__________________________________________________________________________________
Cardholder Signature_____________________________________________________________________________

[  ] Payment by invoice. I wish to pay later. Please invoice me at the address provided above.

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: Any sponsorship commitment cancelled after is subject to a cancellation fee of % of the total sponsorship amount. No refunds will be made after . All cancellations must be submitted in writing to , Attn: , , , ,

LOGO SUBMISSION: After you receive confirmation of acceptance of your sponsorship commitment, please email your logo to as a file in full color and black and white with a minimum resolution of dots per inch (DPI). To be included in promotional materials, we must receive your logo by .

AUTHORIZATION: By signing below, I confirm that I am duly authorized to enter into this commitment to sponsor . I agree that on your acceptance of this sponsorship commitment form, and subject to the cancellation/refund policy, this will become a binding contract for the sponsorship amount indicated.


Name (please print)

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Sponsorship Commitment Form - Free Template

Make it easier for sponsors to fulfill their commitment with a sponsorship commitment form. Get assurance from your sponsors on financial support.

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Sponsorship commitment form: How-to guide 

Have supporters apply to sponsor your event. After successfully securing sponsorship for your event, you’ll want to lock in your sponsorship commitment, ensuring you have the funding and support you need. Whether this includes only basic expenses for the event itself or offsetting the costs of promotions, prize giveaways, or an in-kind donation, a sponsorship commitment spells out the specifics so that your sponsor knows precisely what terms and conditions they’re committing to. 

Need for a sponsorship commitment form

A well-drafted sponsorship solicitation letter helps you request potential sponsors to fund your event, but continuously following up with them for payment can be challenging. Having a simplified sponsorship process for a potential sponsor increases the chances of receiving funding from them. 

A sponsorship commitment form can make a big difference in this process. It can be a fast and effective way to receive payment from your sponsor. This document confirms that the sponsor has committed to paying the amount you agreed to for your event.

This form and a sponsorship solicitation letter can encourage individuals to respond and provide your event with the financial support it needs.

Guidelines to follow while preparing a sponsorship commitment form

Here are some essential tips to follow while creating this form:

  • Length: A sponsorship commitment form should be one to two pages long.
  • Simplicity: The easier the form is to complete, the more likely potential sponsors will complete it. 
  • Precision: Include essential information such as sponsorship options, acceptable payment methods, and relevant terms. 

Details to be included in a sponsorship commitment form

Though it is important for you to customize the document to fit your needs, here are the standard elements you’ll need to add to a sponsorship commitment form.

Event organizer details

The name and contact information of the event organizer for the potential sponsors.

Sponsor details

The name and contact information of the sponsor. Also, add the sponsorship level selected.

Event details

The event's name and description for interested sponsorship applicants and the benefits of sponsoring.


  • List acceptable payment methods. 
  • An address to which payments must be made.
  • Invoice number and the deadlines for receipt of all payments (if different than that for form submission). 
  • Add penalties for late payment, if any.
  • Sponsor’s payment information. 
  • If you’re a 501(c)(3) organization, inform potential sponsors that you can receive tax-deductible donations or payments.

Cancellation and refund policy

Enter the percentage of any cancellation fee and refund policy.

Logo submission

Provide instructions on how and when the sponsor should submit promotional materials such as logos, signs, banners, or advertisements.

Organization details

Add your organization's contact information to send back the completed form and follow-up questions.


Sponsor’s signature confirming the sponsorship commitment.

Sponsorship-related documents

Include additional documents concerned with sponsorship, such as the sponsorship solicitation lettersponsorship agreement, or sponsorship invoice.

Sending a sponsorship commitment form to your sponsors

A sponsorship commitment form can be submitted with a sponsorship solicitation letter, an event brochure or flyer with event details, or any other materials you want to include. Including a self-addressed envelope in the package is also a good idea for easy return.

If your event’s sponsorship rights and benefits are complicated, use a detailed sponsorship agreement or contact an attorney to help draft a document for all your sponsorship opportunities.

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