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Create a Trademark Assignment of Recordation in 3 Simple Steps

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A Trademark Assignment Recordation is filed with the USPTO to maintain current records of trademark ownership. If you have assigned your trademark to a corporation, LLC or other business entity, or to another person, you should provide the USPTO with the new owner's information. LegalZoom can help you quickly prepare and file a Trademark Assignment Recordation. Here's how it works.

Our 3-Step process

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete the Questionnaire
    Complete our quick and easy questionnaire, and submit a copy of your written contract for the transfer of ownership. If you need assistance, our customer care specialists are here to help.
  2. Review Your Information
    Once your Trademark Assignment Recordation is completed through the LegalZip® system, we'll email it to you for review.
  3. Final Wrap-Up
    Once we receive your approval, we'll file your Trademark Assignment Recordation with the USPTO. You'll receive an email from us verifying that your submission is complete.

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