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Why use LZ Tax to prepare your business taxes?

100% accuracy guarantee

Get your taxes done right and feel confident knowing the calculations on your tax return are accurate—reducing your risk of an audit.1

Maximum refund guarantee

Don’t miss out on deductions that save you money! Our experts will find every deduction you deserve to get you the best possible tax outcome.2

Audit support guarantee

If you’re audited by the IRS or state on a return that we prepared, a tax expert specializing in audits will provide question-and-answer support.3

One-stop shop

From formation to bookkeeping to tax prep, there’s power in having one convenient place to find your info, track progress, and get expert guidance specific to your business.

Maximize your tax refund and enjoy unlimited year-round tax advice

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Our customers recommend our service 91% of the time!4 Our experts have an average 4.5 out of 5 star rating.5

Expertise in your industry

Averaging over 9 years’ experience across 300+ industries, our CPAs and EAs understand the intricacies of small business tax prep.6

$3,890 average refund

We get you every dollar you deserve! The average refund among Standard Return tax prep customers was $3,890 in tax year 2022.7

How LZ Tax works with you

Match with an expert

Connect with your dedicated tax expert, matched to your state, who will prepare your return from start to finish.

Share your tax docs

Once you provide some info, we let you know what docs to securely upload to your account.

Get unlimited advice

Schedule tax consults year-round for guidance on how to pay yourself, hire employees, and save on taxes.

Let us prep & file

Sit back and relax while we prepare your taxes. We meet with you to review and answer any questions.

What are you taxed on as a business?

Your business taxes depend on the type of business structure you choose. Sole proprietorships and single-owner LLCs are taxed directly on the personal return. In multi-member LLCs and S corps, profits or losses are passed through to the owners. For the best tax outcome, be sure to account for all your income on your taxes, as well as expenses, which offset the income.

What will you need to file your business taxes?

To prepare your tax return, gather these income records:
  • W-2s and 1099s: These tax forms report wages, independent contractor payments, interest, dividends, capital gains, retirement plan distributions, and more. If you’re using a tax preparer, be sure to gather all of these.
  • Business financial statements: Your tax preparer will need a record of your business income and expenses, for example, a balance sheet, an income statement, or a general ledger.

How should small businesses prepare for tax season?

Follow 4 simple steps:

Open a separate business checking account

Keep business and personal finances separate to make it easier to identify business transactions. Banks will ask you to provide your Employer Identification Number (EIN) to open the business account.

Track business revenue and expenses

Keep detailed records of income and expenses throughout the year. LZ Books, included for free with your LZ Tax plan, will make it easier to track and categorize expenses.

Get your books in order

Record end-of-year transactions, categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, and make sure your balance sheet is ready to go. Also, have your prior-year forms available.

Know how and when to file your tax return

You’ll need to file with both the IRS and at least one state. If you’re using a tax service, your tax preparer will provide info about how and when to pay. Typically, taxes are due either in March or April, depending on your business structure.

What expenses can I write off on my taxes?

What you can write off depends on your business structure. Start by tracking these common expenses:

Mileage log

If you use your personal vehicle for business, get the total business miles and personal miles driven for the year from your mileage log or mileage tracking app.

Asset purchase details

If you bought any long-term assets for your business, such as furniture, computers, vehicles, equipment, or real estate, your tax preparer needs a description of the item, the purchase price, and date you started using the item for your business.

Payroll records

Bring copies of your year-end payroll records or payroll tax returns, as well as W-2s issued to employees and 1099-NECs issued to independent contractors.

Home office

Your tax preparer needs to know how much of your home's total square footage is dedicated to your office. They also need to know about deductible home office expenses, such as mortgage interest or rent payments, utilities, repairs, cleaning, property taxes, and homeowners insurance.

Self-employed health insurance premiums

Gather the premiums paid for medical, dental, and vision insurance for you, your spouse, and dependents.

Retirement plan contributions

Document your contributions to an IRA, SEP-IRA, or another retirement plan.

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1Our 100% Accuracy Guarantee. If LZ Tax makes an error on a return we prepare for you, we will reimburse you for any resulting and unabated penalties and interest paid by you to the IRS or state. See terms.
2Our Maximum Refund Guarantee. If LZ Tax prepares your tax return and you discover that you are eligible for a greater tax refund or lower tax liability through preparation of your tax return with a third-party tax preparer, we will pay up to $200 of tax preparation fees paid by you to that third party. See terms.
3Our Audit Support Guarantee. If you receive an audit letter concerning a tax return prepared by LZ Tax, you may request a telephone consultation with one of our tax experts to learn more about what to expect and how to prepare. Audit support consultations are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Available to current LZ Tax customers only. See terms.
4LZ Tax customers who received guidance from an expert in 2023 recommended the service 91% of the time.
5Tax expert star rating calculated by converting a 10-point recommendation rate to a five-point scale. Based on lifetime customer survey data. 
6LZ Tax experts average over 9 years’ experience helping customers file their taxes and giving customers advice. LZ Tax experts have experience in preparing taxes and providing tax advice across 320 industries.
7Average refund based on LZ Tax Standard Tax Return customers agreeing to aggregate reporting of tax data.
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