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Why register a copyright

Protect your work

You can create confidently, knowing your work is protected against infringement.

Enhance your rights

Get official proof that you have the exclusive rights to your work, and the power to grant those rights to others.

Put an end to any infringement

Go on record as the copyright owner, and gain the ability to sue if someone uses your work without permission.

What a registered copyright protects

Doesn't protect
And other creative work that's tangible (written, recorded, etc.)
Brand names and slogans.
Try a trademark.
Inventions and product designs.
Consider a patent.
Ideas only (not in a tangible form)
And other creative work that's tangible (written, recorded, etc.)
Doesn't protect
Brand names and slogans.
Try a trademark.
Inventions and product designs.
Consider a patent.
Ideas only (not in a tangible form)

How to register your copyright

  1. Answer a few questions online and provide a copy of your work
  2. We'll put together everything needed for your application
  3. We'll file your complete application with the U.S. Copyright Office

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What we do for you

Copyright registration

$114 + federal filing fees

  • Electronic filing of your application with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Delivery confirmation when the Library of Congress receives a copy of your work

Frequently asked questions

  1. The owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute copies (for sale or otherwise), publicly perform or display, or create derivative works of the copyrighted work. They also have the right to authorize others to do the same.
  2. Generally, copyright protection lasts the entire lifetime of the creator, plus an additional 70 years. For work that was made for hire, anonymously, or using a pseudonym, copyright protection lasts for 95 years from the year of first publication or 120 years from the year of creation (whichever comes first). If the work was first published before 1978, these timeframes can vary.
  3. While your work is under copyright protection as soon as it's created, there are many benefits to registering a copyright. You'll establish a public record of the copyright, and get a certificate of registration. You also may be able to sue infringers for statutory damages and attorney's fees—not just actual damages and profits, which can be harder to prove. And if you register before or within 5 years of publication, you'll establish strong evidence in court that the copyright is valid.
  4. Yes, we'll need one complete copy of your work if it has not yet been published, and two copies if your work has been published. We'll give you detailed instructions once you complete your order.
  5. Yes, the U.S. Copyright Office will mail you a certificate of registration, typically within 8-12 months.

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