To Whom It May ConcernDear :

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend to your institution. In my capacity as Recommender's at , I have taught and worked with for years. During hishertheir time here, has proved himselfherselfthemself a hard-working and responsible individual and I am delighted to provide this letter of recommendation on hishertheir behalf.

possesses an exceptional blend of intellectual skill and social grace, and I believe heshethey will contribute immensely to your institution's academics and community. He isShe isThey are an excellent student with a lively mind: students with curiosity levels and academic aptitude like that displayed by are rare. I admire hishertheir genuine fascination with the subjects heshethey studiesy, and hishertheir ability to approach each topic with vigor and initiative. For example, during a recent class project . This example is just one of many: time and time again, demonstrates hishertheir leadership skills and hishertheir remarkable ability to manage conflict.

is not only an immensely gifted and dedicated student, but a terrific addition to the classroom as well. It is often difficult to find a balance between the individual and the group in discussion settings, but is able consistently to offer serious critiques while engaging fellow students. He exhibitsShe exhibitsThey exhibit a willingness to perform the hard work necessary to accomplish hishertheir goals. It is hishertheir work ethic coupled with hishertheir ability to motivate and encourage others that makes uniquely qualified for your institution.

's  well-rounded character complements hishertheir scholastic achievement, and I could hardly imagine a candidate that would prove more talented, more capable, or more enthusiastic. In the time I have spent with , I have been impressed immeasurably by hishertheir maturity and depth of character. Based on hishertheir accomplishments and hishertheir charm, I strongly recommend for your institution.



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