Dear :

I am pleased to accept your offer of employment as with . I appreciate your consideration during the hiring process, and look forward to working with everyone at the organization.

As discussed, I will be starting work on , and I am happy to accept the following compensation package:

Salary: $ per yearper hour

Relocation Expenses: $
Vacation Time:  days per year

Signing Bonus: $

Year-End Bonus: $

Thank you again for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. If you need additional information or paperwork completed before my starting date, please call me at   or email me at . I am delighted to join the   team.




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What's a job acceptance letter?

Now that you have a job offer you want to accept, you can build a healthy employment relationship from the start. A job acceptance letter allows you to agree to the offer and start your relationship with your new company on the right foot. You can point out specifics that are important to you about your compensation. It also provides a written record of your acceptance, should there ever be a dispute.

Here's the information you'll need to have handy to complete your job acceptance letter:
- Contact information : Have the name of the recipient of the acceptance letter ready, as well as the company address.
- Start date : Know when you are supposed to begin this new job.
- Compensation : Have the proposed salary information handy and any bonuses and paid vacation days.