Personal & Confidential

Dear :

I regret to inform you that your employment with (the "Company") is terminated effective as of (the "Effective Date").

The reasons for your termination are as follows: .

We provided you with notice of your termination on and specified that your final day of work with the Company would be .

Within days of the Effective Date, you must repay all outstanding loans and return all Company documents and property to the Company.

According to our records, the following Company property is in your possession: .

Please vacate the Company's premises with all your personal belongings no later than .

After the Effective Date, you will no longer accrue or receive vacation benefits (or any equivalent) under any Company vacation plan, program, policy, or arrangement. Your final paycheck will be paid on , and will include any unpaid wages, salary, overtime, accrued vacation, sick leave, and other amounts owed to you by the Company. Your health insurance coverage will end on . You may maintain this coverage at your own expense if you notify us of your intention to do so within days of the Effective Date. Your life, personal accident, and long-term disability insurance coverage will stop on the last day of the month of the Effective Date.

You will be given a severance package. In consideration for your promise to maintain the confidentiality of privileged Company information and give up your right to sue the Company and its employees, directors, and officers, the Company will pay you the amount of . These amounts will be paid in equal monthly installments, without interest, over a period of  months, starting one month to the day after the Effective Date. Additional installments will be paid on the same day of each of the following months. All such payments will be reduced by withholdings required under applicable federal, state, or local law.

All confidential information you received during your employment at the Company must remain confidential.

You have the right to appeal your termination for a period of days from the Effective Date.

Our policy is to give information only about job title and employment dates to companies checking references. We can assure you that the details of your departure will remain confidential unless we are required by law to reveal them.

Please sign, date, and return a copy of this letter as confirmation of your receipt and acknowledgment of this letter.

Thank you for your time at our company. We wish you success in all of your future endeavors.

Best regards,


Enclosure: Release

Read and accepted:

Employee's Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______________


In consideration of the severance package offered to me by  (the "Company") in a letter dated as of , I hereby release the Company and its employees, directors, officers, and agents from all legally waivable claims, liabilities, obligations, promises, agreements, controversies, damages, and causes of action, known or unknown, contingent or fixed, that I may have or claim to have against the Company as a result of this termination. I further agree not to file a lawsuit or other action to assert any claim. This release includes claims arising under all federal, state, and local employment discrimination laws but does not affect any claims I may file against the Company that are unrelated to this termination. Further, this release does not include any claim under the worker's compensation or unemployment compensation statutes or any other claim that, as a matter of law, cannot be released by private agreement.

Employee's Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______________


Free Employee Termination Letter Template

Conclude an employee's relationship efficiently with our employee termination letter template. Maintain professionalism while safeguarding rights for both employer and employee. Handle transitions with respect and clarity.

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What's an employee termination letter?

Let an employee go kindly and clearly. Things sometimes work out differently than we hope, including jobs. Whether your reason concerns downsizing, performance, or something more severe like a policy violation, you may need to let an employee go. An employee termination letter provides details like dates and what their severance package entails—and can help protect you from lawsuits in the future.

Here's the information you'll need to have handy to complete your employee termination letter:
- Who the employee is : Have their name and contact information ready.
- What the timing is : Know when they were first notified, when they're being let go, and other important dates.