Dear :

Thank you for your application for employmentpromotion with . We enjoyed meeting with you last , and your accomplishments are quite impressive.

We have reviewed your background and experience, and although your qualifications are excellent, we have decided that another candidate more closely fits the position's requirements. We will keep your application and resume on file for  months, and will contact you if an appropriate position arises.

We appreciate your interest in and wish you luck in your job search.



Free Applicant Rejection Letter Template

Craft courteous rejection with an applicant rejection letter. Ensure respectful communication with candidates who weren't selected.

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What's an applicant rejection letter?

Only one candidate can be hired into any open position, and it’s an excellent practice to respectfully inform other applicants that they were not chosen for a particular job. An applicant rejection letter lets them know in a way that’s courteous and direct.

Here's the information you'll need to have handy to complete your applicant rejection letter:
- Who it's coming from : Have the business name and contact information ready.
- Who it's going to : Know who this document is going to and have their name and contact information ready.
- Interview date : Note the date you met with the applicant.