To: and 

You are notified that you owe rent in the amount of . (This amount does not include any late fees that you may also owe. You may not be evicted for non-payment of late fees.)

If you do not pay this rent by the date stated below (which must be at least SEVEN DAYS after the date and time you receive this notice), your tenancy is terminated and you must move.

Date and time by which rent must be paid: Date: Time: : a.m.p.m.

If you pay your rent in full before this date and time, you do not have to move.

If you do not pay your rent or move by this date and time, a lawsuit may be filed to evict you.

Date: _____________________________Signature: _________________________________
Print Name: _______________________________
Print Title: _________________________________
                        (owner/property manager)



Instructions: Serve a copy of this notice on the tenant. Immediately fill out the following to describe how service was accomplished. Complete all that apply. Keep original for use in filing a lawsuit.

On __________________________ at _______________a.m./p.m.,

[  ] Tenant acknowledged receipt of this notice. __________________________________
                                                                                       Tenant Signature
[  ] I personally served this notice on the following person: __________________________________
[  ] I attempted to make personal service on the tenants named above. I knocked on the door of the premises,
and no one answered. I believed tenants were absent, so I securely affixed this Notice to the entry door of the
above premises.
[  ] Tenants were served by registered or certified mail. (The return receipt will be retained for use in court.)
Print Name

Alaska Notice to Quit - Free Template

Promptly address overdue rent with an Alaska notice to quit. Address rent arrears, outline timelines for resolution, and build effective communication with tenants.

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What's an Alaska notice to quit?

As a landlord, you do your best for your tenants—after all, your property is their home. And, of course, you understand that sometimes, life's unpredictable. But if your tenants stopped paying their rent, it might be time to remind them of their responsibilities gently. A notice to pay rent or quit lets rent past-due tenants know they must catch up on missing payments and how long they have to do so before you start the eviction process.

Here's the information you'll need to have handy to complete your Alaska notice to quit:
- Who the tenant is : Have their name and contact information ready.
- Who the landlord is : Have their information available.
- Where the property is : Know the address.
- How much is owed : Know how much rent the tenant owes plus any fees.
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