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LegalZoom/DocuSign NDA Template added to Google's G Suite

We’re excited to introduce the addition of our Non-Disclosure Agreement template in Google Docs.  Using our NDA with a paired DocuSign Add-on functionality, individuals and businesses can easily create a customized NDA and collect e-signatures in a speedy, seamless process. 

A mutual nondisclosure agreement (also known as a confidentiality agreement) is your first line of defense in protecting confidential company information such as customer data, inventions, and trade secrets. It's also an important tool to have in place if you find someone has leaked information they should not have. Having an NDA allows you and your business associates to discuss and agree on what's confidential right from the start.

Make sure you protect your ideas and information by creating an NDA.  Using a customizable template, like today’s new template in Google Docs with signature collection functionality, makes it easy and quick, so you can go back to focusing on running your business.