Real Estate

Buying or selling property requires a lot of your time, and comes with a unique set of legal requirements. An attorney in our network can help answer legal questions for both personal and commercial real estate.

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An attorney who has experience with real estate matters can help you understand the law associated with land ownership and help with your real estate questions. Whether you need information about residential real estate or commercial real estate, a real estate attorney can provide the guidance you need. A legal plan attorney can answer your residential real estate questions about buying a home or questions about preventing the loss of your home in foreclosure. Common questions about commercial real estate an attorney can assist you with include questions about drafting and negotiating leases, and zoning issues. Real estate attorneys also have knowledge of residential tenancy laws and can advise you of your rights as a tenant. Sign up for the legal plan today to schedule a phone consultation with an attorney who can give you the legal advice and guidance you need regarding real estate matters.

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