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Ever wonder what you can copyright? Or whether you really need to copyright your work to protect it? Copyright can be confusing, so we break it down…

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Can I Leave Everything to My Dog?

You've heard of people leaving millions to a dog—but is it really legal? We answer that question (and how to do it if you really want to) here.

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Estate Planning 101: Lessons Learned from Celebrity Mistakes

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5 Steps to Starting a Consulting Business

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New Year, New Will

One of the least discussed, but most important part of everyone's life is the creation and maintenance of a Final Will. In the New Year, people…

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Top 3 New Year's Resolutions for Business

One of the top New Year's questions around the water-cooler is usually, "Have you made your resolutions yet?" Every year, many pledge to shed those…

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Giving Back: Good for Business & You

In a tough economic climate, many people find it difficult to carve out the time or money to donate to their favorite causes. But it's also when…

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'Tis the Season to Boost Sales

After the economic whirlwind that has been 2009, great deals are going to be the hottest item on everyone's holiday list. Small business owners can…

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