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Top 3 Tips for Selling Your Invention

It's one thing to invent the next big thing, but the business of selling an invention is another thing entirely. Learn how to sell your invention…

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Saving Lives With ICE

What began as one paramedic's effort to help save lives has grown into a global phenomena. ICE, short for In Case of Emergency has a great story and…

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Boost Sales with Data-driven Insights

2009 was a year to buckle down and take stock of your business - where to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and reevaluate staffing. But as spending…

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Cool as ICE: New App Could Save Lives

LegalZoom and Donate Life America have joined forces to create a state-of-the-art iPhone ICE App (ICE: In Case of Emergency). The ICE App is quick,…

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Tax Tips for Business Owners

Many of us have a Pavlovian response to the word "taxes," and for good reason. So, in the interest of you enjoying this story, try replacing the…

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Customer Stories: Inspiration, humor and babies

We've asked LegalZoom customers to share their stories and many of you have done just that. Read about some of the stories that have touched us, made…

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