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Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC

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Salinas, CA 93907
Michael Penna

Tell us a little about your product or service.
Our slogan, “Where the Unusual becomes the Trend” describes the new, trendy, and unusual gift products we sell. Many of these products, which include chic women’s ID necklaces, magnet bumper stickers, die cast car key chains with LED headlights, playing cards with questions to start conversations, purses you wear on your hand, plush pirate ships and more can be viewed on Our most popular product is Instant Snow To Go! ™ This artificial snow is great for holiday villages and decorating, floral décor, event decorating, and FUN. What’s the fun? The fun is Making It and Playing in It. Snow To Go! is a polymer powder, which, when you add water to it, instantly turns into fluffy realistic artificial snow. At normal room temperature it actually feels cold. Snow To Go! is not sticky, like other water absorbent polymers, instead it is fluffy to touch, and folks enjoy playing with it. Although it is 90% water, this fake snow does not melt, and can last for weeks and weeks by simply re-hydrating it as the water content evaporates. It’s snow for all seasons. We have sold Snow To Go! to companies who have created other novelty packaging for it, such as greeting cards, ornaments, and party favors. In 2007 we will introduce Snow To Go! Fairy’s Frost™ Edition. Our new product “Fairy’s Frost” can be purchased with a package of Insta-Snow® To Go! and can be combined to make a magical recipe for extra-sparkly snow. The addition of Fairy’s Frost to insta-snow powder takes artificial snow making to a new level.

How did you start your company?
I started the company in 1993, after many years in the computer industry. Frankly, I was tired of talking about bits, bytes, feeds and speeds. My restless entrepreneurial spirit was pondering potential new projects. While doing some business and marketing consulting work, one of my clients introduced me to a guy who was starting a business in the Gift Industry (which I knew little about at the time). I researched the gift industry at a trade show in Portland, Oregon. While viewing the exhibits, I remembered how difficult it was to find truly unique gifts for people. Clearly, that was what most buyers at this industry trade show were looking for as well …unique gifts, which they could offer to their customers. It was at that trade show where the business ideas for GiftBliss Sales™ were born.

“Where the Unusual becomes the Trend”: Gift Bliss Enterprises is a wholesale source for the Gift Industry...
What or who inspired you to go into business for yourself?
The attempt to find or develop new products, always requires inspiration. I’m inspired by the need to be creative, and convinced that inspiration begins each time we are thankful that it arrived. Gift Bliss Enterprises, is growing a business on the arrival of inspired products.

What were some of the startup hurdles you overcame?
We are in business to find or develop new, trendy and unusual gift and decorative products. Gift Bliss Enterprises has overcome startup hurdles for fourteen years, because challenges are an important part of a business which specializes in unique products. Whenever we bring a new idea or product to market, a new set of hurdles appear. However, we are grateful to affirm that we have had greater success, each year that we have been in business.

How has LegalZoom helped you in starting up your business?
Making the best cost effective use of your assets is a top priority for a successful business. Finding LegalZoom and making use of their professional legal services helped this company be consistent in achieving that objective. Working with LegalZoom took very little time, effort, or cost and was simply a smart decision for establishing Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC.

“Where the Unusual becomes the Trend”: Gift Bliss Enterprises is a wholesale source for the Gift Industry. We sell products that are new, trendy, and unusual to gift stores, florists, souvenir shops, resort stores, bookstores, stationery stores, holiday stores, party stores, toy stores and other related retailers.