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Robert Sullivan & Associates Insurance Services

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San Diego, CA 92101
Robert Sullivan

Tell us a little about your product or service.
Small Employer Health Insurance Solutions. Individual health insurance quotes immediately. Cobra, HSA, Section 125, Dental, Vision and Life insurance in one place.

How did you start your company?
After fifteen years with my previous firm, I wanted to branch out and focus clearly on small businesses and their unique financial and insurance needs. The vast majority of my clients gladly came with me, so I launched into business immediately.

BETTER Health Plans - LOWER Premiums...
What or who inspired you to go into business for yourself?
Other independent agents who really made great use of their time and continually produce new business. Other small business owners who "took the risk" and went out on their own.

What were some of the startup hurdles you overcame?
Office Space. Capital. Licensing and Appointment Paperwork necessary to become a professional independent insurance agent with all the major carriers in the state of California.

How has LegalZoom helped you in starting up your business?
The Internet is my friend. Legal Zoom is just another example of this, by allowing me to purchase all necessary business licenses and legal documents online at my leisure. Thank you, Legal Zoom!

BETTER Health Plans - LOWER Premiums. RS&A specializes in small employer medical programs. We can lower your bottom line by fixing your cost to a specific plan or number, while allowing your employees to choose from a variety of options. We have traditional HMO and PPO plans, along with a brand new series of HSA (Health Saving Account) plan designs. Let us handle your HR functions today!