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Create a New Mexico Living Trust

From Santa Fe to Las Cruces, New Mexico is rich with many different cultures and miles and miles of wide open land. If you have made your home in New Mexico, you've probably built your family there too. Or maybe you have recently relocated, and look forward to a prosperous future made possible by new opportunities and unexpected possibilities. In any case, you want a long full life to enjoy the assets and wealth you acquire in New Mexico. When it comes time to leave behind a legacy to your children, what legal tool are you using? If your investigation stopped after a last will and testament, think again. Considerable benefits are available through what's called a living trust.

Creating a living trust is, in a way, creating a separate entity. Once you create this entity, it, not you, becomes the owner of every piece of property you transfer into it. Property owned by the trust, in most states, will avoid probate. Probate is an expensive, time consuming court procedure which executes a will. It can last up to three years and cost up to 10% of your estate.

For more information about living trusts, check out LegalZoom's free, online legal library. If a New Mexico living trust sounds right for your estate planning needs, form one today by filling out our easy-to-follow online questionnaire. Let LegalZoom give you the confidence that comes with a future well planned.