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This is why we went to law school

Each day, we help shape and guide the company and its mission to empower people to handle legal matters. We love knowing that our work is ultimately about helping people.

Images of some of the LegalZoom attorneys

My dad gave me the sense that if you treat people well they'll give you the respect you deserve.

Chas Rampenthal, Esq.
VP & General Counsel

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It's exciting when I hear someone has used a product that I worked on and they thought it was excellent.

Vanessa Butnick, Esq.
VP, Research & Product Development

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I feel the upbringing I had where middle class people could be empowered goes hand in hand with our mission.

Joe Callaghan, Esq.
Corporate Counsel

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Having kids reaffirms the kind of work I'm doing in helping people take care of their families.

James Peters, Esq.
VP, Legal - Attorney Services

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I'm so grateful I work at a place where we do something really good for a lot of people every single day.

Nancy Lee, Esq.
VP & Associate General Counsel

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I think in my heart I remain something of an idealist. I always hoped I could make a difference.

Ken Friedman, Esq.
VP, Legal & Government Affairs

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As a mom, I feel we offer the perfect solution for other moms. I recommend our services to my friends all the time.

Brooke Nojima, Esq.
Corporate Counsel

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My experience has always been focused on the individual. Here I can help individuals on a much larger scale.

Paul Kassabian, Esq.
Legal Architect, Personal Services

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