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Wearable health technology: Healthcare dream or privacy nightmare?

Soon, you won’t visit your doctor; instead, you’ll be wearing your 'doctor.' We’re moving from physical medicine, to online health, to mobile care (m…

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Social media's new intellectual property challenges

Sharing your photos online can be problematic—especially if you are hoping to retain your rights to credit and royalties. Photographer Daniel Morel…

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Telemedicine: The future of health care

Telemedicine is future medicine. While telemedicine companies are pushing the boundaries—allowing patients to speak with a doctor on their favorite…

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Privacy and technology: Is technology doing away with our privacy?

Since the advent of the smartphone, more people have come to rely on the many services it can provide. But unencrypted data can expose to almost…

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Data breaches: How to protect yourself from fraud

If you've ever gone fishing, you have some insight into the cybercrime of phishing. Rather than you tossing out your line to hook your catch, you are…

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What's the deal with lie detectors?

The history and current worldview of lie detectors.

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