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Form an Iowa DBA

Need a DBA? Want to take the next step to make your business official? Get started today! With LegalZoom, registering your DBA (a.k.a. Doing Business As or fictitious business name) is a quick and painless process that you can do from the comfort of your computer. In no time you'll be able to legally open bank accounts and transact business with the name of your business venture.

IOWA STATUTORY GUIDELINES customizes your legal DBA filing to comply with local requirements, no matter where you live. However, if you're interested in the specifics, they are listed below.

In Iowa, a DBA does not apply to corporations or limited liability companies incorporated or organized in Iowa (applicable if foreign as well). If the provisions are violated, which would result in a misdemeanor, one would be subject to a fee or imprisonment for thirty (30) days. A separate offense is considered for each day the provision is violated.

For a person or co-partnership, if the DBA is not the surname of a person in the business, the person must file the business name and address, and the name and residence address of the person conducting business (and P.O. Box, if applicable). Please note that this does not apply to any domestic or foreign corporation or LLC. Also, there is a fee for each page or fraction of a page of an instrument which is filed or recorded in the County Recorder's Office.

From a procedural standpoint, one must file with the County Recorder, which must be notarized.

If a change in ownership occurs, one must file the change, along with a notarization. The original owner is liable until the certificate is recorded.