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Form a Louisiana DBA

Register your business! Filing a Doing Business As (DBA) statement is the next step you need to take to become a more professional, recognized venture. With a DBA, you'll have the ability to open bank accounts and legally transact business under whatever name you've chosen. LegalZoom makes registering this name (also known as a fictitious business name) quick, painless and something you can do right this second, online. Put us to work so your business can work for you!

LOUISIANA STATUTORY GUIDELINES customizes your legal DBA filing to comply with local requirements, no matter where you live. However, if you're interested in the specifics, they are listed below.

A certified copy issued by the Secretary of State is proof of registration. If the DBA is registered fraudulently, the owner is liable to pay all damages sustained in consequence of such filing or registration. Any owner of a DBA may enjoin the wrongful use of the DBA and may require payment of all profits or damages sustained by such use. The court may also order the wrongful DBA be destroyed.

The name and address of the owner is required, and if it is a corporation, the state of incorporation is required. Also required is the date the DBA was first used anywhere and in Louisiana, and a statement showing exclusive use of the DBA.

The DBA must be filed with the Secretary of State and must be notarized.

In Louisiana, the DBA is effective for ten (10) years, and can be assigned if in writing and filed with the Secretary of State which gives the assignee a new certificate for the duration of the registration term. The assignment is void against subsequent purchasers for value without notice unless the assignee records within three (3) months of the subsequent purchase. Renewal must be six (6) months before the expiration date with a fee and a statement that the DBA is still in use. The Secretary of State will give notice of renewal the last year by writing to the last known address of the owners. Cancellation will take place if the DBA is not renewed, if a voluntary request for cancellation occurs, if it is abandoned, if the registrant is not the owner of the DBA or obtained fraudulent registration, or if the DBA is too similar to another. A certificate of correction can be issued if a DBA has a defect that needs correction and is acknowledged by applicant. This will be filed with the Secretary of State and will be effective on the date of original registration if no one is adversely affected.