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Form a Missouri DBA

Legally file your DBA the easy way, today! LegalZoom makes the process quick and painless. A DBA (a.k.a. Doing Business As or fictitious business name) makes it possible for you to open bank accounts and legally use the name of your newest venture. Put us to work for you.

MISSOURI STATUTORY GUIDELINES customizes your legal DBA filing to comply with local requirements, no matter where you live. However, if you're interested in the specifics, they are listed below.

For a limited partnership, one must provide the name and address of the limited partnership, the names and addresses of all general partners, the county and the state in which the limited partnership certificate is filed, and the book and page number where such certificate may be found in the office of the Secretary of State. Violation of statute is a misdemeanor. For all other entities, one must provide the name or names and the residence of each and every person, partnership, corporation, or other business organization interested in or owning any part of the business. If any owner is not jointly and severally liable to third parties with respect to debts and obligations incurred by such business, the registration must detail the exact ownership interests of each owner of the business.

When filing a DBA in Missouri, one must file within five (5) days after beginning business under the DBA. For foreign corporations, if one is acting as a general partner in any entity, one must first obtain a certificate of authority under applicable laws. For a limited partnership, one must register by notarized statement of a general partner who is empowered to act on behalf of the limited partnership, upon blanks furnished by the secretary of state.

If the interest of any owner must cease to exist, the DBA must be reregistered within five (5) days after that change takes place.