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Form a New Hampshire DBA

Do you need a DBA? If the name of your business isn't on your checks, the answer is yes. Simply use LegalZoom to filing your DBA (a.k.a. Doing Business As or fictitious business name) and the name of your venture is officially registered. The process is painless and one you can do today, right now, at your computer. Put us to work!

NEW HAMPSHIRE STATUTORY GUIDELINES customizes your legal DBA filing to comply with local requirements, no matter where you live. However, if you're interested in the specifics, they are listed below.

When filing a DBA in New Hampshire, names will be prohibited if they are similar or likely to be confused with any other registration (unless by written consent). Names that are deceptively similar to an agency or instrumentality of the State or any political party are also prohibited. Any person who fails to comply with these provisions must be guilty of a violation if one is a natural person, or guilty of a misdemeanor if one is any other person.

For sole proprietorships, partnerships (NOT limited partnerships), trusts or associations, one must provide the name under which the business is to be conducted, the principal place of that business, a brief description of the kind of business to be conducted, the names and addresses of the principal parties engaged in business, the state the date of organization of business, and any limitation of time after which business must be no longer conducted.

The DBA must be signed by the person conducting sole proprietorship, or by the members of the partnership or association. A DBA expires in five (5) years in New Hampshire. When a partner withdraws, a certificate must be filed within ten (10) days which must be signed by all members, including the withdrawing member, and must set forth the fact of such withdrawal, and the date of withdrawal. When a new member is added to a partnership or association or joins a sole proprietorship, one must file a certificate within ten (10) days signed by all members, including the new member, setting forth the facts of the addition and the date of the addition. If any person, partnership or association ceases to do business, one must file a certificate within thirty (30) days setting forth the fact of discontinuance, the date of the discontinuance, and must be signed by the members of partnership or association, or by any sole proprietor, or by his or their executors or administrators.