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The Incorporation Process

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LegalZoom makes it fast and easy to incorporate your business. Our team of specialists handles all the details-from start to finish. The following is a detailed description of the LegalZoom Incorporation process.
  • Complete our easy online questionnaire.
  • Create your formation documents.
    Through the LegalZip software you will complete your incorporation documents, including the Articles of Incorporation.
  • We file your documents with the appropriate government agency.
    In some states, we may not be able to sign the Articles of Incorporation (known in some states as "Certificate of Incorporation" or "Certificate of Formation") on your behalf. Instead, we will deliver them to you for signature. Once your materials are submitted, the document review period will vary depending on the state where you file. Non-expedited orders typically take about 20 to 35 business days to complete. Express Gold orders are completed in 7-10 business days (athough, due to government delays, the process may be longer in some states.).
  • We prepare your bylaws and organizational minutes.
  • We complete the optional Tax ID Number and S Corp requests.
    For your convenience, we can complete your Application for Tax Identification Number and S Corporation Election forms for self-filing. Or, to make it even easier for you, we will obtain your Tax Identification Number and S corporation status on your behalf, for an additional fee.
  • Your Articles are accepted and your Corporation becomes active.
    Your corporation becomes active when the Secretary of State accepts your Articles of Incorporation. Once we receive the filed Articles back from the state, we will deliver them to you, along with your complete incorporation package. This includes your bylaws, organizational minutes, stock certificates, a corporate seal and deluxe customized corporate binder (for standard and gold packages).
  • The corporate directors sign the organizational minutes.
    An officer of the company will need to sign the Application for Tax Identification Number, and each stockholder will need to sign the S Corporation Election form.
  • A corporate officer signs the Application for Tax Identification Number.
    If you requested LegalZoom to prepare an Application for Tax ID that you will file, an officer must sign the application before submitting it to the appropriate state agency.