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Create a Utah Living Trust

To most Utah residents, the long term health of their families is of paramount importance. Not only physical health, but financial as well. As the state's founders knew, building wealth and acquiring possessions is a difficult and time-consuming procedure. After your death, there is no reason that transferring those possessions to your intended beneficiaries should be difficult and time-consuming as well.

As any lawyer or accountant or family that has withstood the death of a family member can tell you, the slowest way to get your belongings to their intended recipient is through the probate courts. If you've used a last will and testament as your principle estate planning tool, your beneficiaries can plan on a chunk of time ranging from six months to three years.

In most states, it is possible to avoid probate along with many estate taxes (also known as death taxes), through something called a living trust.

Interesting in forming your living trust? LegalZoom can help. Once you answer an easy-to-follow online questionnaire, LegalZoom will accurately prepare all of the important legal documents for you so you can rest assured your documents are accurate, and adhere to all of Utah's state and local guidelines. Form your living trust today!