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Creating your estate plan is easier than you think.

We never know what could happen tomorrow. But we do know that having a solid estate plan can help ease the burden of your passing on your loved ones. Let us help you protect them with our estate planning documents. We guide you step-by-step with easy instructions.

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Many people need several estate planning documents. We've brought them together along with independent attorney consultations to make your plan easier and more affordable.

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Common Questions

What is a living trust?
It's a legal document that states who you want to manage and distribute your property if you're unable to do so, and who receives it when you pass away. Once signed, you transfer ownership of your assets into the trust and you remain in complete control of your property. The trust property can be managed and distributed without going through the probate court.
Can I transfer property into and out of the trust while I'm alive?
Yes. If you have an individual trust, you can transfer property whenever you want. If you have a shared trust, you'll need your co-trustee's consent if you own the property together.
Do I still need a will if I have a living trust?
Yes, because you may not have transferred your property into your trust before you pass away. A LegalZoom Living Trust includes a pour over will. It transfers property still in your name alone when you pass away to the trust to be distributed to your beneficiaries. It also lets you name guardians for your minor children.
Aren't living trusts just for the wealthy?
Not at all. People of all income levels can set one up to manage their finances in case they become disabled, or to provide for loved ones without going through probate court, which may be required of relatively modest estates.
Will it remain legal if I move to another state?
Yes. A living trust is valid in all 50 states, no matter where it's created and signed. But if you buy property in your new state, you'll want to transfer it into your trust.
Do I need a lawyer to prepare my living trust?
It's hard to say, as every person has specific needs. Our customers are often surprised at how easy it is to set up their living trust on their own. If your estate is large or complicated, or you have a child with special needs, you may want to ask an attorney for help.

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