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Know when it's time to call in the pros. Get guidance on connecting with an attorney for help with contracts, employment issues, and more.

Knowing When It's Time to Talk to an Employment Attorney

An employment attorney can help employers and employees work together to reach a resolution in the event of a problem, from wages and workplace…

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Attorney vs. Lawyer

The terms "lawyer" and "attorney" have a lot in common, but not all lawyers are attorneys.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Attorney/Client Relationship

To fully utilize a lawyer's services and expertise, find the best fit for you and your case, build trust, and know when to walk away.

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Can You Get Sued for Asking Employees and Customers to Wear Masks During COVID-19?

If you're a business owner, you're likely wondering if requirements to put on face coverings will open you up to lawsuits. Learn how to ensure your…

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Long-Term Care Benefits for Veterans

Long-term care for elderly or disabled people is expensive, and many families struggle to afford assisted living or a paid caregiver. But if the…

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4 Reasons You'll Save Money by Using a Lawyer for Contracts

Consulting a lawyer for help with contracts isn't just a formality—it's a way to protect your business and avoid expensive legal mistakes.

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I Need a Lawyer! When Is the Right Time to Hire an Attorney?

Hiring a lawyer can save you heartache and money in many cases, but you may ask yourself, is my situation one of them? Here are some instances when…

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Can an Employer Force You to Go Back to Work During COVID-19?

Can you be forced to go back to work during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic? It depends, there are a lot of factors. Read about them here.

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