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Know when it's time to call in the pros. Get guidance on connecting with an attorney for help with contracts, employment issues, and more.

5 Reasons Legal Services Shouldn't Be Overlooked in a Recession

Legal advice can seem too expensive during a recession, but doing away with it in certain areas could cost you big time in the long run. Here are…

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Knowing When It's Time to Talk to an Employment Attorney

An employment attorney can help employers and employees work together to reach a resolution in the event of a problem, from wages and workplace…

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Attorney vs. Lawyer

The terms "lawyer" and "attorney" have a lot in common, but not all lawyers are attorneys.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Attorney/Client Relationship

To fully utilize a lawyer's services and expertise, find the best fit for you and your case, build trust, and know when to walk away.

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Can You Get Sued for Asking Employees and Customers to Wear Masks During COVID-19?

If you're a business owner, you're likely wondering if requirements to put on face coverings will open you up to lawsuits. Learn how to ensure your…

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Long-Term Care Benefits for Veterans

Long-term care for elderly or disabled people is expensive, and many families struggle to afford assisted living or a paid caregiver. But if the…

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4 Reasons You'll Save Money by Using a Lawyer for Contracts

Consulting a lawyer for help with contracts isn't just a formality—it's a way to protect your business and avoid expensive legal mistakes.

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I Need a Lawyer! When Is the Right Time to Hire an Attorney?

Hiring a lawyer can save you heartache and money in many cases, but you may ask yourself, is my situation one of them? Here are some instances when…

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Can an Employer Force You to Go Back to Work During COVID-19?

Can you be forced to go back to work during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic? It depends, there are a lot of factors. Read about them here.

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