Who shouldn't use LegalZoom?

In certain circumstances, LegalZoom may not be the best fit for your needs.

by Belle Wong, J.D.
updated May 11, 2023 ·  2min read

LegalZoom can help you navigate your way through a number of legal situations as an individual or business owner. We offer multiple services such as business formation, tax preparation, and intellectual property products and services that can make these sometimes complicated legal tasks easier to complete. Nearly 6 million customers have relied on us for their business and personal legal needs. But there are legal situations you wouldn't turn to LegalZoom for, such as criminal matters or civil litigation, because we don't offer those services.

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Are LegalZoom's business formation services right for you? We've helped more than 2 million business owners start their LLCs, corporations, and nonprofit organizations across the country. But depending on your particular business situation, LegalZoom's services may not be the appropriate choice.

Who shouldn't use LegalZoom's business formation services? If you're acquiring an existing company or you're forming an entity outside of the U.S.—you should consult with a lawyer who handles those more complicated types of business formations.

Are LegalZoom's tax services right for you? LZ Tax™ offers tax return preparation services, accounting solutions such as bookkeeping and payroll software, and expert tax advice. But there are some situations where LegalZoom's services may not fit your needs best.

When shouldn't you use LegalZoom's tax services?

  • Nonprofit taxes. LegalZoom's 501(c)(3) application packages can assist qualified nonprofits seeking tax-exempt status under s. 501(c)(3). But at this time, if your nonprofit organization is in need of any other kind of tax services, you will need to consult a professional adviser.
  • Ineligibility for LZ Tax services. You or your business will not be eligible for LegalZoom's tax services if you do not meet the eligibility requirements. For example, if you're a non-U.S. resident, or if you have foreign tax obligations, you will not be eligible to use LZ Tax.
  • Financial advice. LZ Tax doesn't offer financial advice.

Are LegalZoom's intellectual property services right for you? Whether you need to register a copyright or trademark, or apply for a patent, LegalZoom's intellectual property services are designed to help. Who shouldn't use LegalZoom's intellectual property services? LegalZoom isn't set up to provide assistance in adversarial intellectual property matters, including litigation. You may want to consult a provider who specializes in the following areas: infringement actions, cease-and-desist orders, and knowledge of infringement. Although customers that have active legal plan memberships can schedule consultations to discuss these issues, and you'll still be able to use LegalZoom's intellectual property registration services.

Whether it's business formation, tax services, or intellectual property registration, LegalZoom's products and services are often an excellent choice. But for special instances such as those mentioned above, we recommend alternate services.

For attorney assistance, you can also tap into LegalZoom's legal plans to speak with a lawyer from the network of attorneys. Contact us today to assess whether we can help with your legal situation.

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