How to Incorporate in 3 Easy Steps

How to Incorporate in 3 Easy Steps

by Brette Sember, J.D., October 2017

Many people aren't sure how to incorporate, but getting incorporated does not have to be a complex and overwhelming process. With the LegalZoom 3-step process, you answer a few simple questions and all the work in the incorporation process is done for you, correctly, legally, and thoroughly.

Our 3-step process was created by well-known attorneys at prestigious American law firms who are experts in how to incorporate. Get started now with these simple steps:

1. Complete the Incorporation Questionnaire

Fill out our simple questionnaire. LegalZoon allows you to form a brand new company as a corporation or to incorporate your existing business. You can also choose provisions that will help guard you against personal liability.

2. We Create and File Your Incorporation Papers

LegalZoom creates and files your unique Articles of Incorporation (called the Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Incorporation in some states) with your state Secretary of State (in some states, with the Department of State or the Corporation Commission). We also create your corporation's own bylaws and organizational minutes.

3. Final Wrap-Up

Once we receive your filed Articles of Incorporation back from the state, we send them to you with all of your other formation documents, along with simple instructions for what you need to do next. It really is that easy.

Click here for a more detailed view of the incorporation process, including government processing times.

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