See how your mission can thrive as a nonprofit. Get tips on starting and structuring your organization, filing annual reports, and more.

Structuring your nonprofit: The differences between incorporation and LLC

Founders of small nonprofits are increasingly turning to LLC business structures rather than incorporating. Here's why it makes sense—and how to do…

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Maintaining tax exempt status in a nonprofit

Keep your tax-exempt status up to date and in compliance, so you can get on with the business you really care about.

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How to start a nonprofit

Starting a successful nonprofit requires a clear mission, doing your research, and preparing a solid business plan.

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Filing a nonprofit annual report for your organization

Although a nonprofit organization is not required to file annual reports, the document can be an effective tool to showcase your achievements during…

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10 tips for starting a nonprofit business

If you want to start a nonprofit, you'll need to research and fine-tune your idea, get feedback from the right sources, and take concrete steps to…

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