Starting Your Nonprofit

Best Practices for Writing Nonprofit Bylaws

Guidelines for writing effective and useful nonprofit bylaws are dictated by state and federal law, your nonprofit's Articles of Incorporation, and…

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Advantages of Turning Your Business Into a Public Benefit Corporation

Socially conscious companies have several options when it comes to choosing a business structure.

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10 Tips for Starting a Nonprofit Business

The following tips will help you on your nonprofit journey.

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Structuring Your Nonprofit: the Differences Between Incorporation and LLC

Founders of small nonprofits are increasingly turning to LLC business structures rather than incorporating. Here's why it makes sense—and how to do…

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L3C vs. Benefit Corporation: What's the Difference?

If you want to start a business with the primary goal of advancing a public benefit, explore the options available with a low-income limited…

How to Start a Nonprofit

Starting a successful nonprofit requires a clear mission, doing your research, and preparing a solid business plan.

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How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan

While writing a nonprofit business plan is similar to that of a for profit company, there are a few important differences.

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Maintaining Tax Exempt Status in a Nonprofit

Play by the rules or risk losing your organization's highly sought after tax-exempt status.

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Can a Nonprofit Also Have a for-Profit Division?

Covering your nonprofit's shortfall with for-profit income runs the nasty risk of losing your tax-exempt status, but there are ways to do it legally.

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How Do I Get Started with My Nonprofit Application?

Starting a nonprofit can seem like a long and complicated process, and indeed, some of the steps involved in starting and running a nonprofit…

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