Heleigh Bostwick

Heleigh Bostwick

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About Heleigh Bostwick

Heleigh Bostwick has been writing for LegalZoom since 2006, touching on topics as diverse as estate planning and kids, copyright laws and school performances, celebrity trademarks, myths of starting a business, and plant patents.

Heleigh has a degree in botany from Connecticut College, a master of landscape architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate in appraisal studies of fine & decorative arts from New York University. 

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, she had several careers including jewelry cataloguer for a New York City auction house, environmental scientist, and landscape designer—all of which contribute to her knowledgebase as a writer. Because of her expertise in environmental regulatory analysis, she is adept at translating complex information into user-friendly content, a useful skill when it comes to writing about patent and trademark law.

Heleigh enjoys writing because it offers the opportunity to conduct research, interview people, keep up on the latest technologies, and write about what she's learned. 

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